Matt Clark Photography

Hey, I'm Matt!

I’m a product and portrait photographer local to Fort Collins, Colorado. Previous to photography, I worked as a Chef in Denton, Texas for five years. During that time, I found that I absolutely LOVED taking pictures of the food I worked on. Over time and experimentation, I learned that it wasn’t specifically food that kept me coming back to shooting. But rather, finding creative perspectives for what we see on a daily basis. Since then, I’ve been photographing anything interesting I can get my hands on.
As an avid horror fan, I really enjoy shooting items with a macabre theme. Such as tarot cards, handmade oddities, skulls and things of that nature. I also have a lot of fun creating scenes for clothing, jewelry and household items as well. 


My Skills


Every item in your store is unique. With my photography, you can highlight those details to your clients!


Everyone deserves to have good photos of themselves. Whether you're a professional looking for headshots, or wanting to up your Instagram quality, I've got you covered!


70% of customers who return products cite inaccurate photos as a reason for wanting their money back. Don't let your company be a statistic!

Brands I've Worked With

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